Shipping Upgrades Domestic


Shipping Upgrades Domestic

from 4.00

Choose from Registered Post or Express Post Options when shipping your new goods domestically. Please use the menu to select your upgrade. 


When you ship using registered post you will be issued with a tracking number. This allows you to keep an eye on your parcel all the way to your door. Upon posting, I'll be issued with proof of shipping, so if something goes missing I can do my best to track it down. To track your order just visit the Australia Post website, enter your tracking number and follow its journey.


Express Shipping from my part of the world takes between 1-2 days anywhere in Australia. There are three options for Express Shipping depending on the size and weight of your order. Please be sure to check the dimensions of your item and the combined weight of your goods to choose the most appropriate satchel. You will find this info on each product page but if you're not sure please contact me directly and I can advise you on the right option for your purchase. 

Small Satchel 500g: For parcels that are a maximum 500g and 22cm x 35.5cm. Perfect for small, lightweight items such as cards, notebooks, textiles and small prints.

Medium Satchel 3kg: For parcels that are a maximum of 3kg and 31cm x 40.5cm. Perfect for weightier items such as multiple paper-goods, timber goods or well packaged small framed artworks.

Large Satchel 5kg: For parcels that are a maximum of 5kg and 43.5cm x 51cm. Perfect for multiple heavy paper-goods items, multiple timber items or larger framed and well packaged artworks.

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