Crossing The Bar Ltd Ed Print


Crossing The Bar Ltd Ed Print

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Crossing The Bar is a limited edition print of an original mixed media work on paper.  

Left untitled for some time, this work waited and waited and it wasn’t until reading Lord Alfred Tennyson’s “Crossing The Bar” that this work was given a name. With its slippery layers and ”not quite there” marks, it seemed the perfect match for a poem about passing over into the next life and the journey seaward to meet the Maker. Wave like washes and a sense of peering through the darkness, some areas alive and clear, others hidden or begging to appear, it seemed like a most eloquent analogy for coming to terms with our inevitable ending. Like Tennyson, I hope that in this work “there be no sadness of farewell” but a celebration of a life well lived.

Crossing The Bar is available in the following sizes:

  • Small - approx A4                    210 x 280 mm | 8.26 x 11.02 in
  • Medium - approx A3                310 x 420 mm | 12.20 x 16.53 in
  • Large - approx A2                    420 x 565 mm | 16.53 x 22.24 in
  • Extra Large - approx A1           625 x 840 mm | 24.60 x 33.07 in


  • Fine art giclee print
  • Unframed
  • Printed on heavy 100% cotton rag stock
  • Limited edition of 60
  • Limited edition prints come signed, dated and numbered
  • Each print is issued with a certificate of authenticity
  • Prints include a white border for ease of framing


Each artwork is professionally custom printed to order. Please allow 1 week for printing plus shipping time to receive your order. Each order will receive notification of shipping and estimated delivery time when dispatched. For further shipping information please visit the FAQ page.



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